Gabion Walls in Phoenix, AZ

Quality Installation & Repairs on Gabion Walls

Gabion (ROCK) Walls Installation and Repairs in Phoenix, AZ

Whether your looking to install a new gabion wall or you require repair on an existing one, J-King Excavating can help.  We have the experience and the "know-how" to ensure your gabion wall is installed with precision and care.  The typical lifespan of a gabion wall is about 50 to 100 years depending on it's location and what other elements might be affecting it's longevity.  If the wall is near a body of water, rust is likely to occur and may require repairs sooner rather than later.  If you aren't sure of the stability of your gabion wall, don't chance it, give J-King Excavating in Phoenix, AZ a call to have us check the stability.

Gabion retaining walls in Phoenix, AZ

Are gabion walls expensive?

Gabions are very affordable as there isn't much excavating or land prepping involved. Wire mesh & rocks are the materials used.  Wire mesh is one of the least expensive items among construction supplies and rocks/stones can be collected in your area to reduce the costs. Gabions are less expensive than concrete.  

Can a gabion wall be used even if I need drainage?

Yes, a gabion wall serves as a good drainage option as the water can flow through the wire mesh and the gaps in the rocks.

Do Gabion walls need foundation?

Most walls don't require foundation and can be installed and completed in just a few days.  

Questions about Gabion/Rock/Stone Walls?  Give J-King Excavating a call today, we are here to help!